Friday, August 12, 2016

Theia's Moons Characters - Mataya

Age: Nineteen
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Hazel
Home Moon: Esaki
Role: Supporting

The wars began on Esaki when you were so young.  How has that impacted your life?

(Looking down at her hands, wringing them together, as she closed her eyes for a moment) I lost almost everyone I love. (Raising her head to meet the Interviewers eyes) I was holding my niece, Esta, racing for the safety of the sub-level floor and the next moment I was waking to strangers in my house and my sister screaming for her daughter.  My parents and brother had perished and Esta was no where to be found.  The wars nearly destroyed my spirit and life.

(Nodding, as she searched Mataya's face) The destruction on Esaki was massive.  I can only imagine the heartache you endured.  (She paused, reading through her notes) Why were you so frightened to leave your sister, when the savages were chasing your group?

(Rolling her eyes, she shook her head as she eyed the ceiling) I wouldn't say I was frightened.  Everyone believes I'm this scared little girl, who can't fight her own battles, but I'm far more capable then others give me credit for.  It wasn't that I was fearful of my sisters absence, it was my unsure beliefs of the townspeople effectiveness to stay loyal to one another.  Malkia has a light emanating from her, which the people gravitate towards regardless of her leadership skills.  Despite the madness we have all endured, she has united us and kept the entire town linked together.  I feared they would fall apart and we would all perish because of her absence.

What was your role in keeping the people assembled and unified?

(She took a deep breath, letting the air out slowly) I followed Malkia's example.  No matter how difficult it became, I did my deep breathing, closed my eyes if needs be and spoke calmly to the people causing conflicts.  I never was capable of creating the tranquil and calming environment that my sister produced, but I was able to keep the townspeople in a more harmonious state because of her example.  I can now understand the pressure she had on her shoulders.  Leading others is exhausting and down right frustrating at times.

(Pursing her lips, she read over the notes before looking at Mataya again) After all that has transpired, what is your plan when it comes to traveling with your sister?  Do you have any interest in pursuing the man who possesses her most prized treasure?

(A wary smile rests on her face, as her eyes glaze over) I will follow Malkia to the ends of the universe. (She refocused, staring intently at the Interviewer) When my sister desired her own death, more than anything else, she rose from her gloom and was an embodiment of strength for me and the rest of our townspeople.  She wanted to succumb to the despair, but because of her love for me, she chose life and for that she will always be my hero.

(Her smile stretched across her face) You are a strong woman yourself, Mataya.  I have watched in amazement as you have grown in knowledge and strength, both inward and outward.  I am thrilled to have front row seat to the blossoming of your character and look forward to witnessing the astonishing amount of divination you will shower upon this star system.  I wish you luck, along with your sister and will hopefully have the pleasure of speaking with you once the chaos around Theia's Moons has settled.

Thank you. (She rises, smiling softly at the Interviewer) This was a sweet diversion. (She chuckles softly, as she waltzes out of the room, unknowing of her angelic light trailing lightly behind her).


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