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Signed Books In The Mail

Congrats to Ann, Jamie, and Cheri!!!  Books and charmed bookmarks are in the mail!

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Theia's Moons - Reader's Favorite Review


I submitted Theia's Moons Eyes Wide Shut to Reader's Favorite for a review and this is what I received...

Reviewed By Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite

Eyes Wide Shut is book one in the Theia's Moons series by Niki Livingston, a riveting intro into a series that is very promising for young readers. The citizens of the Moon are peaceful, having forgotten the old warring days that drastically cut down their numbers. Malkia, the chosen one, the Leader of her people, couldn’t rest until certain that they are safe. Chosen by God to lead her people, she gets signs of impending danger. Now she must protect them from very powerful enemies. This book chronicles their struggle to remain safe and alive, the frustrations involved in the journey, and the startling truths that will rock their world and perhaps the world of readers.

The opening lines – although a dream, which I never love for an opening – are mesmerizing and offer great insight into the world of the protagonist. I loved the sense of mystery already introduced from the very beginning of the story. The reader is gripped from the start, transported to a dream world, a world where they are still children, but the beauty of the tale and the powerful prose doesn’t diminish in any way. It only gets better as the characters evolve and the conflict intensifies. Niki Livingston is a gifted storyteller and it is wonderful to note that her story is told from a perspective that will appeal to young readers. Aside from the entertainment, Eyes Wide Shut teaches readers some important elements of leadership. The presence of God in this story could be symbolic of the values around which true leadership is built. Eyes Wide Shut is a thrilling read.

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Goodreads Giveaway - Theia's Moons

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Theia's Moons Characters - Damon

Age: Thirty
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark, nearly black
Home Moon: Esaki
Role: Antagonist

Damon, it is a pleasure to speak with you. (She shifts uncomfortably in her chair, while her eyes scan the notes on her lap). You chased Malkia's group, determined to capture them.  Why?

(He laughs out loud, leaning forward in his chair)  I have a reputation to uphold.  Her townspeople believed they could evade me and my people, but little did they know, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

But why?  What was it about her group that pushed you to race through all those broken cities and towns, just to capture a handful of possible useful fighters?

(A smile dangles on his lips)  It was the challenge.  My wolf-men could smell the power that emanated from that group and I was determined to control and own it.  They told me I could become the ruler of Esaki, if I captured the leader of that group.  In the few years I have known them, they have not failed me, so I knew what they proclaimed was true, and I would be a fool to allow that to slip through my fingers.

(She glances over her shoulder, sighing heavily)  What if they were leading you into a trap?  (She stares pointedly back at Damon)

Not a chance. (He snickers, leaning back in his chair)  I am surrounded by some of the most powerful supernaturals known to Esaki, and not just my wolf-men.  The have all guided me down a path, which has only brought me an insurmountable amount of influence and strength.  Not to mention, I have the ability to control others thoughts and desires, molding my life into my own aspirations.

(Her shoulders relax, as she straightens her posture, a smile dancing across her face)  You are quite charming, Mr. Damon.  I have enjoyed speaking with you and would love a chance to be near you again.  If there is anything you wish for, please don't hesitate to ask. (She rises from her chair, her smile spreading quickly, as Damon takes her hand and shakes it)

The pleasure is all mine.  (A smirk spreads down his face, as he turns and walks away, while the Interviewer watches in admiration)


Malkia, Damon and Dario have a story to tell.  Do not miss the chance to find out all their secrets.  It is only going to become better from here!

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Theia's Moons Characters - Mataya

Age: Nineteen
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Hazel
Home Moon: Esaki
Role: Supporting

The wars began on Esaki when you were so young.  How has that impacted your life?

(Looking down at her hands, wringing them together, as she closed her eyes for a moment) I lost almost everyone I love. (Raising her head to meet the Interviewers eyes) I was holding my niece, Esta, racing for the safety of the sub-level floor and the next moment I was waking to strangers in my house and my sister screaming for her daughter.  My parents and brother had perished and Esta was no where to be found.  The wars nearly destroyed my spirit and life.

(Nodding, as she searched Mataya's face) The destruction on Esaki was massive.  I can only imagine the heartache you endured.  (She paused, reading through her notes) Why were you so frightened to leave your sister, when the savages were chasing your group?

(Rolling her eyes, she shook her head as she eyed the ceiling) I wouldn't say I was frightened.  Everyone believes I'm this scared little girl, who can't fight her own battles, but I'm far more capable then others give me credit for.  It wasn't that I was fearful of my sisters absence, it was my unsure beliefs of the townspeople effectiveness to stay loyal to one another.  Malkia has a light emanating from her, which the people gravitate towards regardless of her leadership skills.  Despite the madness we have all endured, she has united us and kept the entire town linked together.  I feared they would fall apart and we would all perish because of her absence.

What was your role in keeping the people assembled and unified?

(She took a deep breath, letting the air out slowly) I followed Malkia's example.  No matter how difficult it became, I did my deep breathing, closed my eyes if needs be and spoke calmly to the people causing conflicts.  I never was capable of creating the tranquil and calming environment that my sister produced, but I was able to keep the townspeople in a more harmonious state because of her example.  I can now understand the pressure she had on her shoulders.  Leading others is exhausting and down right frustrating at times.

(Pursing her lips, she read over the notes before looking at Mataya again) After all that has transpired, what is your plan when it comes to traveling with your sister?  Do you have any interest in pursuing the man who possesses her most prized treasure?

(A wary smile rests on her face, as her eyes glaze over) I will follow Malkia to the ends of the universe. (She refocused, staring intently at the Interviewer) When my sister desired her own death, more than anything else, she rose from her gloom and was an embodiment of strength for me and the rest of our townspeople.  She wanted to succumb to the despair, but because of her love for me, she chose life and for that she will always be my hero.

(Her smile stretched across her face) You are a strong woman yourself, Mataya.  I have watched in amazement as you have grown in knowledge and strength, both inward and outward.  I am thrilled to have front row seat to the blossoming of your character and look forward to witnessing the astonishing amount of divination you will shower upon this star system.  I wish you luck, along with your sister and will hopefully have the pleasure of speaking with you once the chaos around Theia's Moons has settled.

Thank you. (She rises, smiling softly at the Interviewer) This was a sweet diversion. (She chuckles softly, as she waltzes out of the room, unknowing of her angelic light trailing lightly behind her).


If you missed Dario's and Malkia's interviews, click on the links below and find out more about these fascinating characters!

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Theia's Moons Characters - Dario


Age: Thirty-Four
Hair: Black
Eyes: Gray
Gender: Male
Home Moon: Esaki?
His role: Supporting?

Dario, how long have you known Malkia?

(Clears his throat, a smile stretching across his face) I met Malkia nearly seven years ago, when I stumbled upon her small town.  The sky people's war had ended about a year earlier and I had spent that time burying my family and then wandering the desolate and abandoned cities, until I finally found Malkia. (His eyes glazed over in thought) She graciously allowed me to stay in her town and join the leadership, once I proved my loyalty and desire to make Esaki better.

(Nodding, before checking her notes) Just like Malkia, you lost your family in the sky people's war.  How has that changed you?

(His lips pursed into a straight line, as his forehead crinkled in concentration) Any amount of loss can change a person.  My situation created emptiness inside for a long period of time.  I ran off adrenaline and a desire to make my people's lives whole again.  As the scars healed, I was filled with distrust for everyone I met and eventually the emptiness became a hard shell where all emotion was blocked from my mind.

That has to be a difficult way to live. (She pauses, searching Dario's blank expression, before looking at her notes again)  What are your hopes and fears?

(Laughs) My fear is that I will fail my family and forget what my true mission entails. (Once again, his eyes glaze over, appearing to forget he is sitting with the Interviewer) I find myself lost in Malkia's eyes and allowing my emotions to surface that I have so meticulously trapped.  I fear I won't be able to resist her graceful spirit. (His eyes refocus, staring intently at the wide eyes of the Interviewer. He laughs again.)  Don't look so worried. It is my own defense mechanism, after witnessing the slaughter of so many of my people.

(She chuckles softly, a wary smile surfacing on her lips) On that note, what are your hopes?  (She inhales deeply, her hands shaking)

I can only hope to make my family and people proud.  I have worked tirelessly for a happy ending and I am not about to allow that to be in vain, just because some pompous ass believes he should rule the entire moon of Esaki.  He has no idea who he is messing with. (His blank expression quickly changes to a wide smile, although his eyes once again glaze over)  I will successfully complete my mission, despite all the obstacles that continue to be placed in my path.

(Clears her throat and winces when Dario glares back at her) I wish you the best of luck on your... mission.  I am sure Malkia is grateful for your loyalty and friendship.

(A devilish smile moves across his face)  I'm the best thing that has ever happened to her. (He rises from his chair and walks away without another word)


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Theia's Moons Characters - Malkia


Age: Twenty-Nine
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Gender: Female
Home Moon: Esaki
Her role: The Protagonist

Malkia, tell us a little about yourself.

(Sits up straight) Where do I start? (She smiles, winking at the interviewer) I was born and raised on the moon, Esaki, by my parents Sawyer and Alyssa. They were extraordinary and loving parents, who doted on me until the day that they died.  I lived in the same home my entire life, until I married my sweetheart, Raul. Within a year of marriage, I gave birth to my darling ebony-eyed daughter, Esta, and my life was on the perfect path, until the sky people used their weapons against the people of my moon and slaughtered the majority of my family. My sister, Mataya, and I were the only ones who survived.

What has your life been like, since that moment?

(A wary smiles dances on her lips, as she shakes her head)  At first, it was difficult.  My home was destroyed and my town was in ruins.  Bodies and parts of bodies were strewn in every direction and the death toll was so substantial that it took weeks to find every single one and give them a proper burial.

Once we honored our dead, we began to clean up the rubble and rebuild our lives.  It was a good year before people began to relax again and we finally united as a community.  About that time the people requested that I lead the town, as I had performed a significant role throughout the restoration.  As well, my miraculous survival of the explosives from the sky people played a convincing role in boosting everyone's faith, which led them to trust in my abilities to make decisions for all of us.

What are your hopes and fears?

Someday I hope to hold my daughter in my arms again. (Her brow furrows together in deep thought)  To inhale the sweet smell of her hair and know she will never be hurt again.  A great amount of events have occurred since the day I discovered the savages were moving in the direction of my town and because of the knowledge I currently possess, I now know the possibility of holding my daughter again has increased significantly.

(Her eyes fall to her lap, as she wrings her hands together) I fear that despite my greatest efforts, I will succumb to the blackness and never have that moment with my daughter.

(Knods her head) Interesting take on your current situation. (She looks down at her notes and then smiles, as her eyes rise to meet Malkia's) Do you believe in true love?

(Wiping her brow, as she closes her eyes) Yes, I believe in true love. (A tear escapes her eye, rolling down her cheek, before she quickly wipes it away)

I never understood true love until I stared into the eyes of my daughter.  When her fingers curled tightly around my pinky and her droopy eyes would finally close from exhaustion.  When her little body sank into my own, trying to become one with me again, as I was her safe haven.  Because of her I knew true love.

Now... (she pauses, inhaling deeply) Now I see true love in many forms.  I see it in the way my sister smiles at me when her pride shines through.  I notice it in the man I love, as he caresses my cheek and cradles me in his protective arms.  I see it in Tantiana's playful grin and Parowan's sideways glances, flicking her tail for my attention.  True love comes in all shapes and sizes and because of my daughter, I finally recognize their value and meaning.

(Sighs) What a delightful description.  Thank you for sharing your life and thoughts.  I wish you all the luck on your journey through the stars and I hope you find what you are searching for.

(Stands up and shakes the Interviewers hand) If it means I will have my daughter again in my life, I will do everything I can to succeed. (A smile spreads across her face, as she leaves the room).

Join Malkia's journey and find out more about her life.  The story begins here...


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Stay tuned for next week's interview with Dario, in Meet the Characters segment!  The story is only better from here!

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