Saturday, August 6, 2016

Theia's Moons Characters - Dario


Age: Thirty-Four
Hair: Black
Eyes: Gray
Gender: Male
Home Moon: Esaki?
His role: Supporting?

Dario, how long have you known Malkia?

(Clears his throat, a smile stretching across his face) I met Malkia nearly seven years ago, when I stumbled upon her small town.  The sky people's war had ended about a year earlier and I had spent that time burying my family and then wandering the desolate and abandoned cities, until I finally found Malkia. (His eyes glazed over in thought) She graciously allowed me to stay in her town and join the leadership, once I proved my loyalty and desire to make Esaki better.

(Nodding, before checking her notes) Just like Malkia, you lost your family in the sky people's war.  How has that changed you?

(His lips pursed into a straight line, as his forehead crinkled in concentration) Any amount of loss can change a person.  My situation created emptiness inside for a long period of time.  I ran off adrenaline and a desire to make my people's lives whole again.  As the scars healed, I was filled with distrust for everyone I met and eventually the emptiness became a hard shell where all emotion was blocked from my mind.

That has to be a difficult way to live. (She pauses, searching Dario's blank expression, before looking at her notes again)  What are your hopes and fears?

(Laughs) My fear is that I will fail my family and forget what my true mission entails. (Once again, his eyes glaze over, appearing to forget he is sitting with the Interviewer) I find myself lost in Malkia's eyes and allowing my emotions to surface that I have so meticulously trapped.  I fear I won't be able to resist her graceful spirit. (His eyes refocus, staring intently at the wide eyes of the Interviewer. He laughs again.)  Don't look so worried. It is my own defense mechanism, after witnessing the slaughter of so many of my people.

(She chuckles softly, a wary smile surfacing on her lips) On that note, what are your hopes?  (She inhales deeply, her hands shaking)

I can only hope to make my family and people proud.  I have worked tirelessly for a happy ending and I am not about to allow that to be in vain, just because some pompous ass believes he should rule the entire moon of Esaki.  He has no idea who he is messing with. (His blank expression quickly changes to a wide smile, although his eyes once again glaze over)  I will successfully complete my mission, despite all the obstacles that continue to be placed in my path.

(Clears her throat and winces when Dario glares back at her) I wish you the best of luck on your... mission.  I am sure Malkia is grateful for your loyalty and friendship.

(A devilish smile moves across his face)  I'm the best thing that has ever happened to her. (He rises from his chair and walks away without another word)


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