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Theia's Moons Characters - Malkia


Age: Twenty-Nine
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Gender: Female
Home Moon: Esaki
Her role: The Protagonist

Malkia, tell us a little about yourself.

(Sits up straight) Where do I start? (She smiles, winking at the interviewer) I was born and raised on the moon, Esaki, by my parents Sawyer and Alyssa. They were extraordinary and loving parents, who doted on me until the day that they died.  I lived in the same home my entire life, until I married my sweetheart, Raul. Within a year of marriage, I gave birth to my darling ebony-eyed daughter, Esta, and my life was on the perfect path, until the sky people used their weapons against the people of my moon and slaughtered the majority of my family. My sister, Mataya, and I were the only ones who survived.

What has your life been like, since that moment?

(A wary smiles dances on her lips, as she shakes her head)  At first, it was difficult.  My home was destroyed and my town was in ruins.  Bodies and parts of bodies were strewn in every direction and the death toll was so substantial that it took weeks to find every single one and give them a proper burial.

Once we honored our dead, we began to clean up the rubble and rebuild our lives.  It was a good year before people began to relax again and we finally united as a community.  About that time the people requested that I lead the town, as I had performed a significant role throughout the restoration.  As well, my miraculous survival of the explosives from the sky people played a convincing role in boosting everyone's faith, which led them to trust in my abilities to make decisions for all of us.

What are your hopes and fears?

Someday I hope to hold my daughter in my arms again. (Her brow furrows together in deep thought)  To inhale the sweet smell of her hair and know she will never be hurt again.  A great amount of events have occurred since the day I discovered the savages were moving in the direction of my town and because of the knowledge I currently possess, I now know the possibility of holding my daughter again has increased significantly.

(Her eyes fall to her lap, as she wrings her hands together) I fear that despite my greatest efforts, I will succumb to the blackness and never have that moment with my daughter.

(Knods her head) Interesting take on your current situation. (She looks down at her notes and then smiles, as her eyes rise to meet Malkia's) Do you believe in true love?

(Wiping her brow, as she closes her eyes) Yes, I believe in true love. (A tear escapes her eye, rolling down her cheek, before she quickly wipes it away)

I never understood true love until I stared into the eyes of my daughter.  When her fingers curled tightly around my pinky and her droopy eyes would finally close from exhaustion.  When her little body sank into my own, trying to become one with me again, as I was her safe haven.  Because of her I knew true love.

Now... (she pauses, inhaling deeply) Now I see true love in many forms.  I see it in the way my sister smiles at me when her pride shines through.  I notice it in the man I love, as he caresses my cheek and cradles me in his protective arms.  I see it in Tantiana's playful grin and Parowan's sideways glances, flicking her tail for my attention.  True love comes in all shapes and sizes and because of my daughter, I finally recognize their value and meaning.

(Sighs) What a delightful description.  Thank you for sharing your life and thoughts.  I wish you all the luck on your journey through the stars and I hope you find what you are searching for.

(Stands up and shakes the Interviewers hand) If it means I will have my daughter again in my life, I will do everything I can to succeed. (A smile spreads across her face, as she leaves the room).

Join Malkia's journey and find out more about her life.  The story begins here...


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Stay tuned for next week's interview with Dario, in Meet the Characters segment!  The story is only better from here!

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