Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Theia's Moons Proofs Received

Today was exciting for me!  I received my proofs for Theia's Moons Eyes Wide Shut!

It felt amazing to hold my very own published book in my hands.  Having it as an E-book was awesome, but holding the book in my hands was enchanting! 

I spent a few hours this evening going over each page and slightly changing the format and some of my fonts.  I also added a cover page and an acknowledgement page.

Now I have resubmitted it to Createspace and I am waiting for it to be reviewed.  Once that is complete, it will be available to purchase in print!

Stay tuned for giveaways and news!  You can visit my author website at:

I will continue to update my blog, but most of my work will be done on my website.

Thanks for all of the support and love! 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Lessons For the Year

My one year publishing anniversary is creeping up on me. 

I am still in the infant/toddler stage of anything writing and although I have learned so much, it can still be frustrating.  The steps to being a success in writing can be exhausting and taxing on the soul. 

This past year I have learned a great amount of lessons:
  • First off, it takes time to create a masterpiece.  Although I spent four years writing and editing Theia's Moons Eyes Wide Shut, I realize now I should have taken even more time to edit more, read more and edit even more.
  • Asking family and friends to read your book, just because they are your family and friends AND THEN asking for them to give you a review or honest feedback, is a request most family and friends will ignore.  In fact 99.9% of them will do this.  They have their reasons and expecting them to do it will only turn into disappointment.
  • Creating a platform BEFORE you publish is not only necessary, but crucial.  I am still creating my platform through Twitter, Google+, FaceBook, Blogger, Goodreads, Amazon and now through my own website.  I realize now, I should have done this a year ago.
  • When the ideas are flowing and the writers block is down, this is the time to focus on writing.
  • When the writers block is in full swing, this is the time to work on blogs and websites and all other platforms.
  • Writers block is also a time to outline new ideas and free write.  This is the time to write about the silly things of the world, because just by doing this the writers block starts to break down.
  • Invest.  Even when you think you can do it all on your own, invest in your book and writing.  Whether it is hiring an editor or someone to critique your book or investing in your own webpage, whatever it may be; invest. 
  • On those off days, when nothing is fitting into the box I have created and no one is liking or reviewing or purchasing my book, I have learned to put everything away and go back to the basics.  I refuse to let this turn into a failure.  I refuse to let my lessons be anything more than a lesson.  Learn and move on.
Here I am, feeling a little down, feeling a little defeated.  However, I know I will be okay and I will keep climbing this mountain.  I know I will, because that is how I am.  I have learned a large amount of lessons this past year and I guarantee I will learn even more over the next year.  I am excited for the journey to continue and grateful I even have the chance and the ability to do what I am doing.

Cheers to all those who do not give up and take each moment as a win or a lesson!