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Chapter Six - Eyes Wide Shut

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Malkia’s mind went blank for just a split moment, before the adrenaline kicked in. Her eyes flashed over to Dario again, and he was looking back at her. She glanced over at Jayde and Damion. Jayde remained unconscious, and it appeared like Damion was ending his healing process.

Malkia focused her attention over to the thick of the trees where Jacob was hopefully speaking with the pixies and she began to run towards them.

She could hear Dario shouting after her, and then Kelsey began yelling as well, both of them telling her to stop. She was not going to stop. She needed answers right now. Dario was the most honorable man this moon had, and there was no way those savages were going to take him away from it prematurely.

As she neared the trees Jacob stepped out of them and motioned for her to come in. She kept running right past Jacob and into the shadows of the trees.

She jolted to a halt when she saw what was waiting for her. They were breathtaking and entrancing. Their beauty overwhelming, and their light warm and inviting. Safety and peace settled over her, as she gazed around at the beauty before her. They were no more than a foot long with silky wings and a wonderful aura, with light beaming from their bodies. All possessing long, satin hair, with a diversity of color. Not one was identical and their divinity could be felt to the depths of Malkia’s soul.

They were all smiling at Malkia, as she took in the splendor of this moment. One of them flew forward, placing her hand on Malkia’s cheek. A warm sensation spread through her body and the worry disappeared.

“You will be okay, Malkia,” the pixie sweetly beamed. “Trust in what is to happen and know everything is in its perfect order.”

Malkia gawked at this creature with admiration and asked in a quiet voice, “What about Dario? Will he survive?”

“We cannot answer that question, but we can tell you the world is already a better place because of you. As for the people tracking you, they are close. Less than an hour away and closing in. Their group is only a few hours behind them and they are determined to capture you and your people. They do not know who leads, but they desire the eminence.” The pixie’s smile melted into a frown. “You must divert to the west immediately. Porter is there. Your men have found him and they are returning. If you leave now you will meet up with them, and possibly escape the trackers. Malkia, you are meant for extraordinary events. Please move promptly and protect yourself. Dario must do whatever it takes to keep you alive.”

The pixie flew back towards the others and together they flew into the trees, disappearing. Malkia stood there for what seemed forever, before she was able to pull herself away from the peaceful feeling the pixies brought with them.

Jacob curled his fingers on her shoulder, forcing her back down to reality. Now she knew why it required someone with the special ability, to be able to speak with the pixies. Their essence was overpowering and exhausting.

Malkia turned and faced the edge of the trees, where her small group was probably waiting for her. She stepped out of the trees and was greeted by Dario, Kelsey and a few others.

Dario grabbed her hands and peered into her eyes. “Malkia, do not worry about me. I will not let anyone take you away. I will save you no matter what it takes. Please, let’s go now. Jacob told us we have to head west according to the pixies. Is that what they told you?”

“Yes, they also told me Porter and the other two men are returning, right now and we will find them, as we head west. They did not tell me if Porter was hurt or why he was stopped, but they did say we had to head west if we wanted any chance of avoiding the trackers. If everyone is ready, let’s leave.” She paused, wiping away a single tear, as it escaped her eye. “I will not take any chances on losing you Dario. Yes, I will worry about you. You are my rock and I cannot lose you, ever.”

Malkia whistled and Parowan trotted up to her. She mounted the beast and raced towards the others. Dario, Jacob and Kelsey, along with the few others had whistled for their pegasi as well, racing behind her.

As they neared the group she could see everyone else was mounting their pegasi, waiting for her instructions. She rode up to them and moved into the mix of all of them.

They all turned their pegasi towards her as she began to speak. “The pixies have told me Porter, Alex and Levi are safe and returning to us, as we speak. They also informed me, the trackers are less than an hour behind us and they are closing in on us, with their group only a couple of hours behind them. They said the best way to evade the trackers is to divert to the west, towards Porter and the others and pick them up as we escape. We have to leave now. Leave the trailers here. Everyone grab as much food and water as you can carry.”

Malkia rode towards the trailers. She pulled open her saddle bags and stuffed as many essentials as she could in them. The others followed suit, as she eased Parowan towards the west. They were well on their way, with Jayde sleeping over Damion’s lap. She remained unconscious, and Damion was not sure she would awake for a while.

It worried Malkia to think of how far they pushed Jayde. It was hard to determine how far anyone could be pushed, especially since the last time they had anything horrible occur was eight years ago. Jayde had only been a teenager at that time and hadn’t understood her ability, let alone the amount her body could tolerate its usage. Malkia realized she had made a lot of mistakes in her leadership these past couple of days.

As they rode through the forest, they stayed silent, and only spoke up if it was absolutely necessary. Malkia was worried about many things, one including the trail they were leaving through the woods. It was not long before they heard rustling through the thick vegetation. A few moments later Alex and his pegasus walked around some trees and bushes, followed by Levi and Porter.

Malkia immediately noticed Porter’s leg was torn up, and his face and neck were overrun with teeth marks and deep scratches. She jumped off of Parowan and ran over to Porter.

“What happened?” she asked Levi and Alex.

“Ask him. He has been out of it most of the way back. We stopped asking him and let him rest,” replied a frustrated Levi, as he slid Porter off the pegasus and into Dario’s arms.

Dario eased Porter down on the ground and Malkia grabbed his face, looking at the teeth marks. They were not as deep as they seemed, but enough to cause serious blood loss, along with his torn up leg. Damion handed Jayde over to Kendrick, and approached to see what he could do to heal his friends’ body.

Porter looked at Malkia and smiled. “The pixies saved me,” he quietly mumbled. “I’m pretty sure what attacked me was a ritter, but it happened so quickly, I’m not positive. The pixies intervened before he ate me for dinner. The thing was ferocious and strong, ready to tear me apart.”

“A ritter?” Malkia croaked. “We already have enough problems. We are going to have to make it to the river faster than I thought. I hear ritters are scared of water, and the trackers will lose our scent as soon as we enter the water.”

“Do you think the trackers can smell us?” Kelsey asked, her eyes growing wide.

Malkia breathed in deep. “I don’t know. I do know they have gained on us faster than we anticipated, and we masked the other groups scent. So, my opinion is one or all of them have the scent of a dog. Plus, they have some super speed on their side, which leads me to think their abilities have something to do with an animal. All I know, is if we do not flee to the river, we might as well hand ourselves over to the savages. The ritters or the savages will take us, without the mask of the water.”

Damion was quickly working on Porters leg. It seemed to be working, but Malkia began to think it would take too long. She motioned for Kendrick to mount with Jayde and everyone else to find their rides. She waited a few more moments and then softly touched Damion’s shoulder. “We have to leave. Will he be okay, long enough for us to arrive to the river?”

“How long until the river?” Damion asked.

“We should make it before the last sundown,” Malkia responded, tilting her head to search the sky.

“Yes, I think he will be fine. Let’s go.” Damion jumped up and mounted his pegasus, holding Porter in front of him.

As they neared the river Malkia felt an uncanny sensation spread in her stomach. She whipped around to look over her shoulder, fearing they were being watched, just to see the rest of the group behind her. She observed her surroundings, her whole body on alert, knowing something was not right. Dario saw her change in composure and rode up next to her.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I think we are being watched,” Malkia whispered back to him.

Dario glanced around as well, before he responded, “Why do you think that?”

“I can feel their eyes on us. I don’t know where they are.” Her eyes flashed around the brush. “Dario, I’m scared. If they are the trackers there will be no way for all of us to escape. Please, take the group as fast as you can to the river. I will distract them long enough for the rest of you to flee.”

Dario’s eyes narrowed, regarding her with a scowl. “No way, sweetheart. You are not getting away from me that easily. Let’s send the group ahead of us. A few of us can stay back and keep a lookout. If they move we can intervene.”

Malkia’s eyes filled with tears. She knew what would happen if Dario stayed and was not willing to let that happen. She needed him to go with everyone else, but how would she convince him if he had no intentions leaving her side?

Then she had an idea. A stupid and reckless idea, but at least it would distract the trackers and give the group enough time to run.

“Okay, let’s do it your way,” Malkia muttered to Dario.

Dario moved his pegasus back towards Alex and Levi. He asked them quietly to follow him to the back of the group.

Malkia rode over towards Kendrick. “Kendrick, I need you to take the group as quick, and as quiet as you can, towards the river. Fly in the air, as soon as I am out of sight, and do not stop no matter what happens. Find a safe place to hide away. Us four will follow shortly, but do not wait if you feel it could be dangerous.”

Kendrick brows bumped together in a scowl, and it appeared like he was going to object, but then he shook his head, riding to the front of the group.

Malkia made her way back towards Dario, Alex and Levi. She realized then, her plan had major flaws. Even if she distracted one of the trackers, what would stop the other three from following the group? How would she protect Dario if he is fighting to rescue her, and save the group at the same time? Her mind raced in a hundred directions, looking for ways to make this work, when all of a sudden she heard a child‘s voice.

“Help me,” the child cried.

Malkia jumped, nearly tumbling off Parowan. She peered around thinking she would see a child standing close by. There was nobody, but her group moving away, and the men riding closer. She then realized the voice was in her head.

She became very still. Who are you? She asked in her mind, directed towards the child.

My name is Misty, the child cried back.

Where are you, Misty?

I don’t know! I was taken by some very bad people and now they give me gross goo to stop the mind reading, but today I tricked them. Are you the same person I felt a long time ago?

I believe so, sweetie. How can I rescue you, from these ruthless men?

Misty paused, before she whimpered. They are so mean, and they scare me. We are chasing some people, that’s all I know. The leader wants them desperately, and he scares me. They have some of their wolf-men chasing after them and from what I heard last they are almost caught up with them. Do you know who they are?

Malkia glanced at Dario as he approached. The look on his face indicated her expression was concerning. She focused back on her thoughts and on the scared child. My group is the one they are after. You say they are wolf-men after us? What are wolf-men?

I’m not sure. I just know they are fast and can smell you. They look just like normal people, except their teeth are sharp and they snarl sometimes, just like a dog. One of them killed my dad and took me and my mom. They are horrible and if… Misty’s thoughts ended abruptly.

Malkia glanced around hastily, and realized they were doomed. Her decision placed the four of them and possibly the smaller group in danger. She heard some snarling not too far away, in front of them. As all four of them whipped around from the noise, they heard another snarl on the side of them.

“Fly,” Malkia quietly ordered, staring relentlessly at the three men in front of her.

Malkia slapped Parowan’s side and the three men did the same, just as she heard the rush of swift feet barreling towards them. Parowan was clearing the tall vegetation, when whatever it was smashed into Malkia. She tumbled off Parowan’s back, hitting the hard dirt ground with a thud. She gasped for air, before a boulder collided with her, flinging her into a nearby tree.

She knew she was done. Blood trickled down her face, streaming into her mouth, as she gagged from the copper taste. Her breath came in short, while she blinked feverishly, trying to restore her sight.

Then she heard Dario yell her name.

Oh no, he came back for me. They will kill him!

She tried to stand up, but toppled back down to the ground, scratching her face against the brush. Her eye stung from the impact, but her sight began to return, as she finally inhaled deeply, catching her breath.

“Run Dario, run!” Malkia shrieked as loud as she could holler. Her voice was cracked and shallow and she knew he did not hear her.

She glanced around trying to focus and find her bearings. She rose again, stumbling forward and catching herself on a tree. She saw movement to the right of her as Dario sprinted towards her. She heard the whistle of the arrow, before she saw Dario fall. He hit the ground with a crash, sliding face down into the base of tree.

“No!” She screamed louder then she thought was possible running as fast as her legs and vertigo would allow.

Just before she reached Dario, someone with an overly strong grip, snatched her body and yanked her away from him. She shrieked, crying and struggling desperately against the rock hard body she was carried against. A hand eased over her mouth, shoving what tasted like lakseed into her mouth and forced it down her throat. Moments later she felt herself slip into blackness.


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Theia's Moons Enyo's Warrior (Official Book Trailer)

Settling into her new home, Malkia now knows the unvarnished truth, or so she believes. The malicious murders in Domesca's boundaries, Mataya's disappearance, and the sudden change in Dario's behavior have her second guessing what she thinks she knows.

As she is forced to face more evils and life-altering lessons, she wonders if she ever knew any truth about her life.

Embarking on her new journey, she quickly realizes the war she witnessed on Esaki, is nothing compared to the bloodshed and atrocities she will partake in, as Enyo's Warrior. 

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Chapter 5 - Eyes Wide Shut

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Chapter Three
Chapter Four

The day had nearly passed by, and Jayde and the pixies continued to keep an eye on the trackers, as they began gaining significant ground towards their small group.

They had fallen for the bait to continue south, even though they spent about two hours at their camp site, sniffing out the dragon. They had checked the tracks, and at one point considered heading east. However, all four of them ended up continuing on south, and the relief was felt throughout the whole group.

The pixies had gone further north and were checking on the savages group. Jacob had said they would bring word soon, however no matter how prepared they were, Malkia was anxious for what was about to happen.

The trackers were only a few hours behind them and Malkia knew it could only be a matter of time before they either had to run for the east or begin fighting. She prayed they would be able to pull the trackers far enough off the scent of their larger group, and then head for the skies, so they could safely leave the trackers lost and confused.

Jayde raced up next to Malkia and smiled at her, “I just viewed a glimpse of all four trackers. They are definitely closing in, but it does appear as if they are slowing. I wish I could hear through the ears of the hawks as well, but we will just have to wait until the pixies return to Jacob, before we will know what is being said. It does feel good to know they took the bait and are heading our way, but now I am not sure how well we can fool them from here.”

“We will be fine. I have no doubts that this will end soon,” Malkia affirmed. She didn’t mention her own doubts were creeping in.

“Malkia,” Dario said as he rode up to the other side of her, “have you heard from Porter? He left over an hour ago to check the paths to the west, and he should have been back long before now.”

“He went alone?” Malkia asked, biting her lip.

“We had no choice but to send him alone. All our resources have been used up. We have to retain enough people here, to keep up with the appearance of the tracks. The ones we can spare, we have had to send them out alone, so we can cover more area.”

Malkia’s heart sank. She had an awful feeling in her stomach, and she knew Porter’s disappearance was not good.

They rode in silence for a few minutes while Malkia sorted through her thoughts and ideas. We definitely have to find Porter, but we cannot leave the trail, unless we want to adjust our whole plan. I can send out a couple of the men to track down Porter, and bring him back, but what if there was a trap out there, and we lost more men.

Malkia peered over at Dario, “What do you think we should do?”

“We have to find him. We cannot just leave him. I have had Kelsey take some sleeping herbs and she is laying in the wagon.” Dario waved his hand towards the wagon. “She had just fallen asleep when I heard the news about Porter. We can let her sleep for a good half hour and hopefully by then she will be able to give us an idea of what we might expect. She has not had a chance to sleep since we left our town, so she might be impossible to awake. So, I propose we send two of our men out to find Porter and instruct they return in half an hour. If they cannot find him in that time, then we will have to rely on Kelsey, the pixies, when they return, and possibly you, Jayde,” he said, looking over at Jayde.

Jayde nodded, yawning at the same time. The poor girl was exhausted. Between very little sleep, and spending most of her waking life in the trance of the hawks, she was really doing a number on herself.

Malkia suddenly realized how terrible this whole idea was. They required sleep, and if they didn’t rest soon, there would be no escaping the trackers, if they started closing in. These men were superhuman. They had been tracking them for almost two days, and they did not seem to be tired or worn out. They just kept coming.

Malkia had thought they would have to rest at some point, which they had, but only for two hours one time and an hour the other time. Their lack of sleep had made this whole plan pointless and impossible. The reality of hit Malkia hard, and she wanted to run for the hills, ending this charade.

“Dario go ahead and pick your two most alert and capable men and instruct them to find Porter. Give them one half hour, like you said, and tell them they better return, or we will have to move on without them. We are going to stop right here.” Malkia pointed up ahead, to a thick area of trees. “I want most of the group to take a nap. They have one hour for sleep, and then we are moving. This should give you enough time to prepare your men, and for them to find Porter and return. Does this plan work for you?”

Dario’s brows furrowed into a scowl. “Malkia the trackers are only a few hours behind us. If we stop they will only be two and if they keep moving at their current speed, it could be only one,” he quickly replied, shaking his head.

“But if we do not stop and let the people rest, we will doomed when they catch up to us anyway. I am at a loss here. We are fighting an impossible war, and unless we think of something fast we are done for,” Malkia argued, feeling the whole weight of their survival on her shoulders.

Dario glanced around at the weary group, and then back at Malkia and nodded. “You are right. Let’s take a break. You need to rest as well. I can be one of the watchers, while everyone else sleeps.”

Malkia was so tired. Her eye lids were heavy from exhaustion, and she could barely concentrate on any plan at this moment. She gazed at Dario and wanted to hug him. He was the finest man, and he deserved the best life. She did love him. She loved him more than she wanted to admit.

“Will you let the rest of the group know? Jayde and I will begin to pull off just up there in the thick of the trees. They should give us enough coverage and protection. I really could lay down for a little bit. Thank you Dario, for being my rock. You are appreciated more then you know,” Malkia mumbled, a yawn taking over her face. She really did love Dario.

Dario nodded and pulled back on his pegasus. He relayed the message to the others, as Jayde and Malkia steered their pegasi off the trail and into the trees. One by one the others followed them, dismounting their pegasi and letting them rest next to the small stream running through the forest.

Malkia and Jayde found a shady spot with some tall grass. They pushed the grass down and laid their blankets down. Malkia peered around at the others and witnessed many of the small group already laying down, and dozing off. They were all exhausted. She should have stopped earlier.

Dario looked over at her and he smiled. He had five other men around him and she knew he would take care of the situation, while she slept. She smiled back, easing herself down onto the ground. The blackness filled her mind almost immediately, and she could feel herself slipping away to a very deep sleep.

It felt like moments when Malkia felt someone shaking her. Her eyes flew open. “What’s wrong?” She exclaimed, as she shot up from her sleeping position. “Is everything okay?”

“Yes and no,” Dario said, putting his hands on her shoulders, his eyes wide with fear. “We need to wake up Jayde, but she is in a deep sleep. I just woke up Kelsey and she told me the trackers will catch up to us before sun down, and they will capture you. We need the sight of the hawks, right now.”

Malkia hurried over to Jayde and nudged her in the shoulder. Jayde began to stir, but then fell right back into her sleep. Poking at her again, Malkia called out her name over and over again. It took a few moments, but Jayde slowly woke up. She appeared more exhausted, then before she had gone to sleep.

“I’m so sorry Jayde. I hate to wake you up early, but we have a problem. The trackers are very close and Kelsey has seen them take me away. We need to find the trackers,” Malkia desperately sputtered.

Jayde’s eyes rolled back into her head for a moment, and as she fumbled to stand up, she fell over and hit her head on the tree she had been lying next to. Malkia grabbed Jayde, stopping her from hurting herself further. She peered up at Malkia, before turning over to the side and throwing up. Her body was rebelling against her abilities.

Malkia glanced up at Dario looking for some kind of answer. He reached over and scooped Jayde up into his arms, sprinting towards Damion. “Damion, we need your help,” He shouted, as he neared him. “Jayde has over done it, and her body has shut down. We have to have her sight right now, or else we won’t be able to see how far the trackers are from us. Can you use your healing ability?”

“Wait, Dario,” Jacob said from the shade of a tree. “Let me see if the pixies have returned. If they have maybe they can give us an answer, and then Jayde can keep resting. Give me a few minutes. I will be right back.”

Jacob raced towards the thick part of the trees, and was gone before anyone had the chance to object. Dario laid Jayde down on a blanket and motioned for Damion to begin his healing process.

Malkia admired Dario for his supporting hand. She walked over to him and put her hand on his arm. He did not look right away, but after a few seconds he peered at her with tears in his eyes.

He abruptly looked away, moving towards the other two guards. “I will be back in a minute. Damion start healing her the best you can. Be easy on her. If healing her will be too hard on her as well, stop. Whistle when either she regains consciousness, or when Jacob returns.”

Malkia knew he was keeping something from her. She focused on Kelsey, who was helping some of the others wake and pack their pegasi. Kelsey must have told him something more, and it must have been something that would have upset Malkia, too much.

She walked towards Kelsey, contemplating whether or not she wanted to know. Then she remembered the look of sadness Dario had all over his face. Something bad was going to happen. She ran towards Kelsey as the thought hit her mind with a jolt.

“Kelsey,” Malkia shouted, as she moved closer. “I need to speak with you.”

Kelsey turned towards Malkia, walking towards her. “What’s up?”

“What did you tell Dario about the trackers? Why is he so upset?”

“I told him they will take you away and their leader will want to keep you.” Kelsey’s forehead puckered, as she licked her lips. “I also told him, this will all happen before sun down.”

Malkia was dumbfounded. Was he just upset because they would capture me? They knew their plan now, so they’d be able to stop them. He would never let them take me. She looked away from Kelsey and glanced over at him. It made her sad to think he was so worried about her. Why does he think he would not be able to stop them?

“Thanks Kelsey, I guess that is a good enough reason to be upset,” Malkia said, as she began walking back towards Jayde and Damion.

“Wait, Malkia!” Kelsey interjected. “There is one more thing I forgot.”

Malkia quickly turned around and peered at Kelsey.

“Dario is going to be executed by these men. That is why he is so upset. He knows unless we leave, and change our plans, he will not be able to stop them from taking you away.”

Chapter Six