Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Becoming an Author

Writing the book, Theia's Moons - Eyes Wide Shut, was one of the most exhilarating journey's of my life.  I have always wanted to write books and my most loved genre is fantasy, followed by science fiction.  Some of my favorite movies are:
  • Avatar
  • Star Wars
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • Aliens
  • Prometheus
  • Harry Potter
I also loved reading all the Harry Potter books.  J.K. Rowlings is one of my heroes.  What she has created with her talent amazes me and I only hope I can become half of what she has become.

I began writing Eyes Wide Shut about four years ago.  I have rewritten the first chapter so many times, I finally had to just publish it.  I doubted myself.  Then I loved what I had wrote.  Then back to doubting.  It continued on with that pattern for four years and then one day I thought, I just have to do this.  So I did.  I stopped editing, rewriting, rereading and published it.  I cried afterwards.  I cried because for the first time in my life (aside from the creation of my babies) I felt I had finally done something that made my heart sing.  Even if I completely fail at this book, even if everyone hates it, I had finally accomplished something I never thought I would.

Now I am working on the next book of the series and already I feel it is a thousand times better than the first.  I love the story.  I love what I see in my mind and I only hope I can give it the life it truly deserves.  If the first book is not the best, the second one will be.

I hope you give it a chance!  Get to know my characters because they are something amazing to me and I am excited to have the world get to know them.  My book is available on Amazon as an e-book at $2.99 for the next week.  Please click on the link below and download, read and then give me some feedback, either on Amazon or on this blog.  Thank you all for your support!  I am excited to head down this road and become what I always dreamed I could become!

Theia's Moons Eyes Wide Shut

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Theia's Moons - Eyes Wide Shut


It had been many years since the wars had ended.  The people of Esaki pulled themselves together and learned to enjoy life again, despite their dwindled population.  Malkia became leader of her town, not by choice, but by the calling of God.  She lived in a state of peace and turned to her source whenever she felt a need of strength.  However danger was coming their way and it was time to face the reality of their situation.  Malkia and her people travel through their broken world to escape the savages coming their way and learn more about their world, their lives and their true circumstances throughout their journey.  Life is not what it seems and as their eyes began to open to the truth, the world as they know it crumbles beneath their feet.

Theia's Moons Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut - Teaser 3

I have something to show you Malkia.  It is time you knew where you really came from.”

The whispers in the group grew defeaning as she awkwardly walked towards Jasper.

“Jasper you’re scaring me.  Tell me what you mean.”

“Malkia, don’t be afraid.  Take this leap of faith with me,” Jasper softly said as he grabbed her hand, then he looked over at Mataya and Dario.  “You two are more than welcome to come, but let’s keep it at that.  This is going to be very emotional for Malkia and for you too Mataya.”

Jasper did not act concerned by the whispers or the curiosity of the others.  He waited patiently as Mataya and Dario joined them and then led them all out of the room and down the hallway.  He grabbed a lantern on his way down the hall and continued to lead them down several different corridors until they reached a large door.  He motioned for a guard to open it.  Malkia grabbed Dario’s hand as they waited and could feel her anxiety grow as the door opened all the way.

There was a large staircase leading down into the basement.  It was dark, but the guard used a torch to light what looked like a small shelf on the wall.  When it lit up the fire ran down the whole staircase along the shelf, lighting the whole way down.  

Down to a place which scared Malkia.  Down to a place she could not see, but as Jasper reached over and grabbed her hand again she saw a look in his eyes of love and compassion.  Although he made her feel uneasy she knew it was only because he was going to pull her into the unknown and out of her comfort zone.  At that moment she knew she had to trust him.  She had to follow him.  Whatever was down in the pit of his basement were her answers.  Her answers to everything.

Eyes Wide Shut - Teaser 2

Malkia bolted up into a seated position, looking around at the others sleeping by the fire.  Her heart was beating out of her chest as she remembered why she had woken up.  The two wolf-men Jayde had not seen were not heading towards the other two mutts, they were heading for her.   

She glanced over at Damion who was nodding off, even though he was on watch.  She jumped to her feet, which jerked Damion awake and to his feet as well.

“What’s wrong?” Damion asked peering around.

“I just realized something.  I need to wake Jayde.”

She moved over to Jayde gently shook her.  It took a few seconds, but Jayde’s eyes fluttered opened.  She gazed up at Malkia and Damion with half opened eyes and then realized it was still night.  She sat up like a flash and scanned her surroundings.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, glancing back at Malkia.

“I need you to find all four wolf-men.  I need you to find them right now.”


Jayde’s eyes got big as she stared at Malkia.  There was fear in her eyes as it dawned on her why she had not seen the other two wolf-men.

“They are coming here, aren’t they?” she whispered.

I think so.  They have to be.  They must have met already and sent the two heading back to Damon, in our direction.  We have to know for sure, right now.”

“It is so hard to find them if I have no idea where to start.”

“Start at the place we stopped before now and then go backwards towards their group.”

“Okay, give me a moment.  I need to calm my heart and breathing.”

Jayde bounced lightly over to a large rock and sat against it.  She took three deep breaths and then put her head in between her legs.  After a few moments she peered up at Malkia and Damion and then stared at the fire.  It was only a moment later when she fell into her trance.

Damion focused on Malkia, surprise covering his face, “Do you mean those dogs are on their way to us right now?”

“I don’t know for sure.  I think so.  I feel it in my soul they are tracking us right now.  Call it a gut feeling, but I don’t want to dismiss it.  They cannot find us when we are in the air, so the best they can go with is where the witch told Damon we were when we were huddled in the trees.  Hopefully the rain washed away our scent from there and they will have no idea where we walked to.  But if they do find our last stop before now, they could easily run towards the direction of our large group and find us that way.  We have to know where they are for sure.”

Eyes Wide Shut - Teaser 1

Malkia softly slapped Parowan’s side and the three men did the same, just as they heard the rush of swift feet barreling towards them.  Malkia was just about to clear the tall bushes when whatever it was hit her hard and knocked her off of Parowan’s back and onto the hard dirt ground.  She gasped for air just before what felt like a boulder, hit her and knocked her into a tree.   

She knew she was done.  She felt blood trickle down her face and into her mouth.  She could not get herself to breathe right and her eye sight was blurry.  Everything was so blurry.   

Then she heard Dario yell her name. 
Oh no, he came back for her.  They will kill him! 
She tried to stand up but tumbled back down to the ground.  Her eye sight was slightly returning, but her brain was dizzy.  Her breathing was heavy so she began to work on calming herself down and focusing. 
“Run Dario, run!”  Malkia yelled as loud as she could holler.  Her voice was cracked and shallow and she knew he did not hear her.

She glanced around trying to focus and get her bearings.  She stood up again and stumbled forward catching herself on a tree.  She saw movement to the right of her and saw Dario running towards her.  She heard the whistle of the arrow before she saw Dario fall.  He hit the ground with a thud.

“No!”  She screamed louder then she thought was possible.  She ran as fast as her legs and dizziness would allow.  

Just before she reached Dario someone with large hands grabbed her and yanked her away from him.  She was screaming, crying and struggling desperately against the rock hard body she was carried against.  A hand came up over her mouth shoved what she knew was lakseed into her mouth and forced it down her throat.  Moments later she felt herself slip into blackness.