Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Eyes Wide Shut - Teaser 3

I have something to show you Malkia.  It is time you knew where you really came from.”

The whispers in the group grew defeaning as she awkwardly walked towards Jasper.

“Jasper you’re scaring me.  Tell me what you mean.”

“Malkia, don’t be afraid.  Take this leap of faith with me,” Jasper softly said as he grabbed her hand, then he looked over at Mataya and Dario.  “You two are more than welcome to come, but let’s keep it at that.  This is going to be very emotional for Malkia and for you too Mataya.”

Jasper did not act concerned by the whispers or the curiosity of the others.  He waited patiently as Mataya and Dario joined them and then led them all out of the room and down the hallway.  He grabbed a lantern on his way down the hall and continued to lead them down several different corridors until they reached a large door.  He motioned for a guard to open it.  Malkia grabbed Dario’s hand as they waited and could feel her anxiety grow as the door opened all the way.

There was a large staircase leading down into the basement.  It was dark, but the guard used a torch to light what looked like a small shelf on the wall.  When it lit up the fire ran down the whole staircase along the shelf, lighting the whole way down.  

Down to a place which scared Malkia.  Down to a place she could not see, but as Jasper reached over and grabbed her hand again she saw a look in his eyes of love and compassion.  Although he made her feel uneasy she knew it was only because he was going to pull her into the unknown and out of her comfort zone.  At that moment she knew she had to trust him.  She had to follow him.  Whatever was down in the pit of his basement were her answers.  Her answers to everything.

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