Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Eyes Wide Shut - Teaser 1

Malkia softly slapped Parowan’s side and the three men did the same, just as they heard the rush of swift feet barreling towards them.  Malkia was just about to clear the tall bushes when whatever it was hit her hard and knocked her off of Parowan’s back and onto the hard dirt ground.  She gasped for air just before what felt like a boulder, hit her and knocked her into a tree.   

She knew she was done.  She felt blood trickle down her face and into her mouth.  She could not get herself to breathe right and her eye sight was blurry.  Everything was so blurry.   

Then she heard Dario yell her name. 
Oh no, he came back for her.  They will kill him! 
She tried to stand up but tumbled back down to the ground.  Her eye sight was slightly returning, but her brain was dizzy.  Her breathing was heavy so she began to work on calming herself down and focusing. 
“Run Dario, run!”  Malkia yelled as loud as she could holler.  Her voice was cracked and shallow and she knew he did not hear her.

She glanced around trying to focus and get her bearings.  She stood up again and stumbled forward catching herself on a tree.  She saw movement to the right of her and saw Dario running towards her.  She heard the whistle of the arrow before she saw Dario fall.  He hit the ground with a thud.

“No!”  She screamed louder then she thought was possible.  She ran as fast as her legs and dizziness would allow.  

Just before she reached Dario someone with large hands grabbed her and yanked her away from him.  She was screaming, crying and struggling desperately against the rock hard body she was carried against.  A hand came up over her mouth shoved what she knew was lakseed into her mouth and forced it down her throat.  Moments later she felt herself slip into blackness.

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