Friday, June 6, 2014

My First Month

Crazy life I have!  This month has been a roller coaster of a ride and I'm still roaring to go.  So... I haven't had any reviews on my novel, as of yet.  At first I was stressed, disheartened and maybe a little sad.  I thought I would have something by now.  But my sweet guy, who knows just what to say, suggested I be a bit more patient and not jump to any conclusions.  He had a lot of reassuring words and I am so lucky to have him in my life.

I want this first book of mine to be a success.  As of right now it is only an e-book and I have to do my own promoting, which I'm not really the best at.  BUT I am working at it and I might even be a bit annoying. Bear with me.  Support me.  Give me feedback.  AND most of all, tell others about my book.  Be my word-of-mouth marketing posse!

Here is the link to my e-book on Amazon.  If you haven't downloaded it, do it ASAP :) I would LOVE it and appreciate it a thousand times over.  Thanks friends!

Theia's Moons Eyes Wide Shut

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