Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Damon's Story

Tears stung his eyes and the rage whirling within twisted relentlessly at his heart. Two of his children laid at his feet, strangled and stabbed by the masked attackers. His throat thickened with sobs and he tilted his head to the darkened sky, turning his cries into a scream that shook the smoldering structures around him. 

Sinking to his knees, he heaved them both into his lap, trembling from the fury shooting through his entire nervous system. He didn’t notice when Genevieve arrived, but when his focus returned her hands were running through Rory’s hair, while humming their bedtime song. His blood-shot eyes squinted over at her, scrutinizing her blank expression. 

“Genevieve?” his voice was barely a whisper. “Where’s Landon?” 

Her hum grew louder, shaking her head to dismiss his words. An ice pick jammed into his heart as he twisted to face her, grasping firmly onto her shoulders. 

“Where is Landon?” he asked, raising his voice an octave as his blood froze within his veins and his vision blurred with rage. 

 She ignored him again, leaning over and kissing Rory’s and Dawn’s cheeks. Her humming was grating at his nerves and it continued to rise in volume, crushing his heart and soul with the thought of his youngest child’s safety. 

-Niki Livingston 2017

If you want to read more, his story will be published at the end of Eyes Wide Shut, so grab your copy this weekend!  If you already purchased the book, shoot me a message and I'll send you the ebook for free!

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