Sunday, July 12, 2015

Eyes Wide Shut Excerpt

“Why are you in such a hurry, I can barely keep up with you and you are hurting my arm,” she daringly shot at him.
He laughed out loud and sneered down at her as he grasped her arm firmer, “Wouldn’t you like to know.  I will tell you this; if I find your little friends I will rip them apart.  Too bad you are not out there to warn them.  Instead you get to sit in your little cage like a good little woman and think about what I might be doing to them.”
She wished she had not asked.  She knew if Dario had survived he would be waiting for a chance to free her and he could possibly get caught.  Not to mention Alex and Levi would never leave her or Dario.  If Dario was dead, the unthinkable, she knew Alex and Levi were out there waiting to find a way to get her out.  The thought made her cringe.  She had to escape or else she was afraid they could all be dead.  She was just grateful the rest of the group got away and they were hopefully on their way to meet up with the bigger group. 

As they got closer to the cage, Malkia examined the area around it.  There were tents surrounding it and the forest was at least fifty yards away.  Theia loomed above the forest, her presence creating a feeling of home, which made Malkia’s desire to end this imprisonment even more important.  If she could get away, hopefully Parowan will be waiting for her and she could just whistle.  Of course then she would have to fly fast enough to out run their arrows.  She knew she could not escape that way.  Her escape had to be thought out carefully in order to keep everyone safe, including Parowan.
When they reached the cage, the wolf-man opened the door and softly shoved her in there.  The door slammed behind her and she heard him lock it before he walked away.  She looked around her and noticed everyone was lying down either sleeping or staring at her. 

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